Change is of all times

Quotes & wisdoms from the past

Confucius (Chinese philosopher 5th century BC)
“A good end starts with a good begin” 

Immanuel Kant (German philosopher 1724-1804)
It is proof of good sense when man knows how to ask good questions”

William Thomson (British physicist 1824-1907)
If you can measure what you are talking about, and express it in numbers, then you know something about it; but if you cannot measure it, if you cannot express it in numbers, then your knowledge is of a meager and insatisfactory nature”

Rainer Maria Rilke (German poet 1875-1926 )
You often have to stand on the threshold of the questions long before you dare to put your foot on the steps of the answers”

Gerrit Jan Komrij (Dutch writer, critic 1944-2012)
The problem of the answer is the question”


Business analist (Amsterdam)
“More than half of all change projects fail because in the beginning the need and necessity are not made concrete. Your instrument supports this”

Innovation manager (Nyenrode)
The danger of a failed project is not in the tail but in the start”

CEO Multinational (Eindhoven)
The biggest mistake in change- and improvement projects is: starting before thinking”

Quality manager (Turnhout)
“Change requires vision, courage, perseverance an a proper framework.
If one aspect is missing, the intended goal is not achieved”

Changing and improving starts with the gathering of insights.

Novy-T  has developed an online tool based on emperical research, the Change profile-scan,
an instrument that offers you these insights on the basis of 60 validated propositions

You can read how this works in this website.