Founder and owner of Novy-T is Arnold Bosch.
His passion for change inspired him to set up his own private company in 2013.

Arnold BoschArnold is an analytical thinker.
He trained numerous change managers at a large multinational and experienced that changes follow specific patterns. He investigated these and described 12 elements that are crucial for the success of change. Arnold bundled this knowledge in the Change profile-scan, a unique concept that he puts in the market via his company Novy-T.

Core activities
  1. Coaching of management teams with a need and/or an ambition to establish significant changes.
  2. Positioning the Change Profile-scan as a valuable tool in the early stage of change.
  3. Building a network of partners that add value for clients through the Change Profile-scan.

that is the aim of Arnold | that is the ambition of Novy-T