Founder and owner of Novy-T is Arnold Bosch
His passion for change inspired him to set up his private consultancy firm

At Philips in Eindhoven he set up the Business Excellence Academy.
Arnold is an early adopter of Lean Six Sigma and trained hundreds of change agents since 2002. The percentage of successful Black Belt and Green Belt projects was year after year> 95%.  This has not only generated savings of tens of millions, but also a group of competent managers who now have great positions around the world.

In 2012, Arnold started an investigation to explain the high success rate of> 95%. In this, the solid Six Sigma curriculum from Philips makes an important contribution. Unique were the cases and interventions in which the newly appointed change managers were looking for a deepening of insights of their projects – evening by evening. The wealth of information that this produced was for many the ‘guideline’ that enabled them to bring focus in their project. What Arnold intrigued each time was: to what extent are these interventions unique – what is their added value – and in what form should they be presented to be valuable for other organizations too? He investigated this together with experts in the Netherlands and abroad, and the outcomes formed the basis of ‘his’ brainchild, the Change profile-scan®

Core activities

1. Positioning the Change Profile-scan as a valuable tool in the early stage of change
2. Building a network of partners that add value for clients through the scan
3. Providing consultancy to organisations with a need/ambition to establish significant changes

thát is the aim of Arnold | thát is the ambition of Novy-T