Users refer to the Change profile-scan as practical and effective


Board of school
“As board we executed the scan with all directors of our schools. The gray graph showed a homogeneous pattern and confirmed our shared view on our future plans. This strengthened us as board in our confidence that we can start the changes we had in mind. The blue graph gave us insight in our weaknesses, and as a team we better know which subjects require our attention in the coming year”

Business Excellence manager
“Fantastic to see that an investment of 4 hours makes a big difference”   (Novy-T: here the business excellence manager refers to the 1st session in which the statements of the scan are discussed with the management team. But there are 2 further half day sessions . See the page WAY OF WORKING)

Innovation manager
“The danger of a failed project is not in the tail but in the start”

Independent consultant change management 
“The results of the scan give an excellent picture of where you are now. You can lose nothing with it and win (much). With the insight you can take the right course for your change process “

Director Six Sigma program
“Remarkably complete scan with a low threshold that tests from multiple viewpoints whether your organization is ready to change”

Innovator agriculture and horticulture
“The scan gives structure to the entire change process within the organization. All aspects will be taken into consideration, including those that are often forgotten”

Manager human resources
“Customer friendly, concrete, nice layout, smart” 

Developer leadership competencies
“Change without understanding why, what and how to change, is doomed to failure. The Change profile-scan provides that insight and lays the foundation for a successful change process”

Product engineering manager
“It’s a nice tool and the cost of the scan in combination with Novy-T’s leadership and advice is worth every penny”

Quality and innovation manager
“Change requires vision, courage, perseverance and a proper framework.  If one aspect is overlooked, the change process may not reach the intended objectives”

Corporate risk manager
“The change profile scan can be used as part of the start-up phase of a cross-departmental change project where several senior management positions will be involved in from a steering committee role. Important in the early stage of such projects is to avoid ambiguity about necessity and urgency, and in particular to determine the frameworks and preconditions that must be met. The results of the Change Profile-scan can also be used for evaluation purposes during the project. It can be used as an internal audit tool for providing feedback to the project management team and to senior management”