Hall of Fame

During the journey to the horizon, many experts were consulted in a wide range of areas in many different locations •••


Perhaps a cup of coffee with them also generates valuable insights for you •••

Angelie Kruijsen
@Inkt! | Editor | Co-author of this website

Ben Ceursters
Philips | Master Black Belt | Validation Change profile-scan | Sparring Partner

Dave Hutley
Philips UK | Project Manager | Corrector English website

Dolf Wittkämper
Metaclue | Augmenting your business | Sparring Partner

Frank van der Linden
Frankiesbelieveitornot | Marketing expert | Coach

Felix van Bakel
ASML | Senior Manager Corporate Risk | Sparring Partner

Gijs Raijmakers
Philips | former Black Belt Program Manager | Sparring Partner

Hans den Dekker
ShareLessonsLearned | Business Sociologist | Networker | Coach

Jan en Wenny van der Heyden
4commit – communication and IT | Document and Content management | Projects

Jeroen van der Weerdt
Symbol | Master Black Belt | Validation Change profile-scan | Sparring Partner

Joris De Bie
Berenschot | Senior Management Consultant | Change Manager | Sparring Partner

Joseph Paris
Operational Excellence Society | Sustainable and Deliberate Improvement | Partner

Kim Oomen
Fenoomenaal | Communication advisor | Advice positioning of this website

Marjet Rutten
Constructief | First use of Change profile-scan in the construction industry | Partner

Miranda Kasteleijn
Accountancy Kasteleijn-van Zwet | Accountant

Paul Banens
Pensioned statistician | Six Sigma expert | Validation Change profile-scan | Sparring Partner

Ruud Vriese
teams+more | Working together more effective | Sparring Partner

Tim de Werdt
ProjectsOne | Master Black Belt | Validation Change profile-scan

Tim Willems
Bestitdiensten | ICT-service provider | Support website hosting and translation

Vic Palmer
DPP Cordell | Editorial/medical writing | Corrector English website

Organisation | Expertise / core business | Relation with Novy-T