SMART follow-up

After completing session 1 and session 2 you will know where the focus should lie in your change process. Often in this phase outlines of SMART actions are being verified. It is clear that further work remains to be done to turn the change project into a success.

How to follow-up ?

We have experienced major differences in culture change within organizations. Follow-up activities are strongly dependent on the change management expertise that has been acquired in the past in a particular organization.

puzzelstukjes     Determining follow-up requires customization !

Change concepts and instruments should suit the culture and maturity of your organization.
Novy-T can provide support, based on years of experience and an extensive networking.

Consultancy model

Your organization
| level of experience in change management

A lot of expertise ••••••••••

Change is ingrained in the DNA of these organizations. They use the Change profile-scan as a tool to mirror and to enhance their current change activities.  They often have adequate competencies to manage the SMART activities themselves.  Novy-T would like to thank these organizations for the deployment of the Change profile-scan and wishes them a lot of success with the execution of their change activities.

Moderate expertise ••••••

Often these organizations are  working on change, but it is not yet going smoothly.

Novy-T offers these organizations the following support:
  Coaching of less experienced change managers.
  Use of change management expertise in one or more areas.
  Supervision of change projects.
  Bespoke activities to be determined by you.

Little expertise •••

These are organizations that are in exploration mode. They are aware that they have to change.  However, they do not know how and with whom to take the first steps.

Novy-T offers these organizations support in the collection of insights and determining which change approaches and instruments offer most value.  Often we start with an awareness session, a pilot project, deliver successful results, and hence establish continuous step-by-step improvements.

Each organization is unique
There is not a standard solution for your change ambitions
but where there’s a will, a way can be found

Yes I did it

Novy-T has no magic wands
but an extensive knowledge of change
a network of experts
with a track record in change projects.
We are delighted to introduce them to you

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