Is this you ?

As a leader you encounter a situation with a need and/or ambition for change:

  • With your team you are exploring the root causes and depth of the change
  • Currently you are in an early phase with regard to your thinking
  • You need deep insights in the readiness for change within your organization
  • Appropriate actions are required in this initial phase of change
  • You and your team are determined to achieve maximal results with the change

If the above applies to you:
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Clear objectives (jumping fish)

As a consultant in change management:

  • You encounter difficulties in acquisition of new orders
  • Putting your fingers on the real causes of the client’s problems is tough
  • You consider it your professional duty to deliver value to your client’s business

Novy-T’s business models might be beneficial for you.

If this applies to you: take some time to study this website | it will be time well spent.